All prices listed are subject to Market Price Change. Please call the store at 219.299.2336 for the most up-to-date pricing.

Welcome to McGowan & Sons


Fresh & House-made. No MSG or preservatives. Just the real thing baby!

  • Salads: $8.29 per pound
  • Soup: $6 for a pint or $12 for a quart
  • Catch of the Day: Between $22.49 and $24.99 per pound -- a great protein to add to your meal!
  • Fresh Bread: Demi Baguette at $1.50 or French Baguette at $3.50.

Please call the store at 219.299.2336 after 9 am or call/text Leslee at 219.241.5016 to order anytime.

Don’t forget….you can also have McGowan’s Meal in a Minute (meal kits prepped and ready to go for dinner) or our fresh fish and seafood brought to you for dinnertime at home! Boom! Done! Lunch and Dinner in one delivery. YAY! (Meal kits and fresh fish/seafood will require refrigeration.)

If you need a drink, we have bottled sodas and waters. Just ask us!

Lunch delivery serviceDaily specials can be found on our Facebook page (McGowan & Sons)our home page, or just give us a call at 219.299.2336 after 9 am or call/text anytime at 219.241.5016.

P.S. We have to add 7% sales tax but we do not accept delivery tips!!

Thanks for your business!

Here’s to

Real Food

Real Fresh

Right Now!!






McGowan & Sons Private Chef Services

Interested in hosting a dinner party but want to actually enjoy it? We call it Dinner and a McGowan Show. Let us BRING IT....the Chef, the server, the bartender, and most importantly....the food.   Call Leslee at 219.241.5016 for a customized menu.  



Menu Options for Private Catering



Station and Bar Options for Private Catering


Station and Bar Options Part 1 Station and Bar Options Part 2 Station and Bar Options Part 3 Station and Bar Options Part 4 Station and Bar Options Part 5



We love to see people cooking, entertaining and mostly eating!!!! 

Have a McGowan & Sons dinner tonight.


McGowan & Sons


Your order will be ready for pick up in 2 days if ordered by noon. If ordered after 12pm CST then it will be processed the following day. For example, if you order Wednesday morning it will be ready for pick-up Friday. If you order Wednesday afternoon/evening, it will be ready for pickup Saturday. If you need something sooner, please stop by our shop to see if we have it in-stock, or give us a call. 


If there is something that you'd like but you don't see it here, you can special order it. Please email or Call. 





In-house Fish Selection



Our store hours are:

Sunday Closed

Monday 10:30-6

Tuesday 10:30-6

Wednesday 10:30-6

Thursday 10:30-6

Friday 10:30-6

Saturday 10:30-4

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