Why More People are Enjoying Seafood at Home

What’s for dinner? Finding a healthy, easy, delicious dinner shouldn’t be an added stressor. You have enough of stress already! McGowan and Sons has fresh fish daily. Fish is simple and quick to prepare. We even have meal kits to take the guess out of preparing a restaurant-quality meal.

Sure, you live in Northwest Indiana. You aren’t exactly dining on the coast. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the taste and health benefits of freshly prepared seafood.

Nowadays, more people are enjoying seafood at home. We are pleased to provide the Region with fresh fish for pickup! Fish is one of the healthiest, low calorie sources of protein that you can find. No wonder it is growing in popularity. Fish is flexible to a lot of different dietary lifestyles including diabetic diets, keto, and pescatarian.

At McGowan and Sons, we offer a wide variety of selections, so stop in or call ahead to see what we have. For side dishes, we have readymade soups, salads, and pasta. Our fish is raw, so that it is as fresh as can be when it’s time to dine.

Do you want to get on the fresh fish bandwagon, but cooking is not your strong suit? No problem! Almost anyone can learn to cook fish. We offer meal kits and cooking classes to bring out your inner Bobby Flay.  Contact us at McGowan and Sons for more information at info@mcgowanandsons.com or by phone at 219.299.2336. We look forward to helping you discover what’s for dinner.