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Confessions of a Chef’s Wife: Part V: .Shellfish -- I’m Scared!! Let’s Dive In! PART 1
One magical winter, THE CASE appeared in our freezer. We had an entire case of Alaskan King Crab Legs for the eating at whim. Dad hauled some frozen goods for a seafood company and they gave him a case for us at home. That was the most magical winter ever.
Confessions of a Chef’s Wife A Blog Series by Leslee McGowan Part IV: Big Knife for a Big Man...
I couldn’t believe it! $150 on a knife? You’ve got to be kidding me. (As a side note, I thought nothing of dropping $50 on a moisturizer that lasts a month…but please, people, wrinkles last a that’s another story.) I think we had been dating a month when Rob bought his super fancy Chef’s knife. I had no idea how much they cost but being in the new girlfriend role, I decided to keep my mouth shut (sort of). But now I understand. You know why? You really only need one knife in the kitchen but it had better be a good one….and it’s going to cost you. Bring your checkbook.