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Confessions of a Chef’s Wife Part III: Let’s Get Down and Dirty McGowan-Style

Now let’s take a little lesson out of the French Rustic Cooking Playbook for a moment. French country cooking methods were developed because the French needed to use what they had and it wasn’t always the best or the freshest. Rustic French cooking uses braising and stewing methods and marinades to get the most out of tough meats and non-animal proteins. Usually, you can save some bucks using tougher cuts of meat that will cook up tender and delicious with the right methods.

Confessions of a Chef’s Wife A Blog Series by Leslee McGowan Part IV: Big Knife for a Big Man…

I couldn’t believe it! $150 on a knife? You’ve got to be kidding me. (As a side note, I thought nothing of dropping $50 on a moisturizer that lasts a month…but please, people, wrinkles last a lifetime…so that’s another story.) I think we had been dating a month when Rob bought his super fancy Chef’s knife. I had no idea how much they cost but being in the new girlfriend role, I decided to keep my mouth shut (sort of). But now I understand. You know why? You really only need one knife in the kitchen but it had better be a good one….and it’s going to cost you. Bring your checkbook.

Confessions of a Chef’s Wife A Blog Series by Leslee McGowan Part II: Whole Food Shortcuts: Real-Food, Real-Fast

Hi McG & S Fans!!! So to continue the story…I met Rob the old-fashioned way — at a dive bar in Milwaukee. It seems right if you know us and if you don’t yet know us, it will explain everything! After dating for three months, we moved to San Diego, where we were spoiled with fresh produce and seafood year-round. I was also spoiled by my built-in chef. But life took over and eventually I had to pitch in, cook for us and try to keep up with Chef Rob.

3 Meals in Just Minutes

Simple Savory Salmon and Asparagus Packets   Ingredients        5-7 fresh salmon fillets        Lemon juice or lemon pepper        5-7 teaspoons minced garlic        1 stick of butter divided for each fillet        2 lbs. of trimmed asparagus        Salt and pepper Instructions        Preheat oven to 425ºF        Prepare an aluminum foil sheet for …

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5 Reasons to Join Our Cooking Class

Do you wish you had more skills in the kitchen? Cooking is an important, healthy life skill that many adults could improve. If you are lacking in the cooking department, what are you waiting for? Sign up for some cooking classes with Chef Rob! Cooking class is useful and fun. You can eat and drink while you sharpen your skills!

Boost Your Health with Fish

Fish is a delicious dish! Besides the savory, delectable taste, the best thing about consuming fish is that it is one of the healthiest foods on earth. In fact, The American Heart Association advises that Americans should consume at least 2 servings of fish per week (heart.org). Fish is heart-healthy, which is why so many people incorporate …

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