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Serving Seafood and Provisions Since 2019

What do you need? We’ve got it or we can get it for you.
  • Fresh salads daily -- and not the boring iceberg kind. The good stuff. Something interesting. McGowan says, you don’t make friends with salad. Mrs. McG says, these salads you do!
  • Soup - scratch-made with in-house stock. And you can even buy this stock from our freezer to make your own deliciousness! It’s great for cooking rice, making sauces and flavoring everything that hits your dinner table.
  • Surf. The freshest fish and seafood flown in daily from the coasts.
  • Meal Planning Packs customized to your lifestyle. McGowan has prepped your grub nearly to completion. When you get home, fire off the final bit for a fresh, hot meal. No soggy carryout here.
  • Catering Up the Wazoo. We can make it for you to take and serve. We can show up at your event and do the full-service routine. Or we can host your party here at McGowan & Sons Party Villa. Wait for it…..craft-made cocktails, wine and beer pairings complete the show.
  • Kitchen Goodies. Need a chef’s knife...and you want to make sure it’s the right fit and style for your needs? Dying to know what the best olive oil is? How about when to use all those fancy vinegars? Just ask McGowan….he can tell you all about it. Check out our retail center for the best of the best selection. If you’re going to show off your new chef skills, you better have all the toys AND look like one!
  • Chef’s Classes. Inspired enough that you want to learn better knife skills? Perhaps it’s time to plan a girls’ night out? Or how about a private class for you and your old lady? It’s fun. It’s social. You get to eat. And drink (after the knife lessons!).

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