5 Reasons to Order Our Lunch Today

When your stomach rumbles at work and the limp salad in your lunch box doesn’t appeal, what can you do? Don’t work through it or eat something uninspiring. You deserve a midday boost!

Almost everyone loves lunch. The right food can give you a burst of energy and joy when your day is dragging. It also supports your brain to tackle the rest of the day. However, lunches from home or TV dinners can get boring. What is a delicious, nutritious, easy, affordable way you brighten up your day while providing the fuel you need?

Here are 5 Reasons to Order McGowan & Sons for lunch today:

  1.        FREE delivery– Yes, you read that right. We will drop off lunch to offices on the northside of Valparaiso. This saves you time so you can spend more of your lunch enjoying and not fighting traffic. Nowadays, there are apps that provide delivery but after the delivery charges and tips, it becomes a pricey service. We drop off your delicious, nutritious meal absolutely free of charge. No tip, please! (Order must be a minimum of $50)
  2.        Freshly made in house- Frozen meals? Fast food? Cold sandwiches? No thank you! Nothing beats a fresh, hot meal prepared by a chef. Our food has no MSG or preservatives and is fresh.
  3.        Easy Order- There are no websites to sign up for or complexities about ordering from us. Simply call the store at 219.299.2336 after 9 am. If you don’t like the phone, no problems. Text Leslee at 219.241.5016 to order. Easy, peasy!
  4.        Nutritious- A heavy, unhealthy lunch can drag you down. Our cuisine is healthy and light; perfect for lunch! We serve soup, salad, the catch of the day, and fresh bread. Our lunches will surely give you the fuel you need to survive the rest of your work day.
  5.        Tackle Dinner, too!- While you are ordering your lunch, why not add a McGowan’s Meal in a Minute meal prep kit? Now you don’t have to stress about dinner so you can fully enjoy the remainder of the day.

Are you ready to enjoy your lunch? Lunch delivery service and daily specials can be found on our Facebook page (click here McGowan & Sons), our home page, or just give us a call at 219.299.2336 after 9 am or call/text anytime at 219.241.5016.