5 Reasons to Join Our Cooking Class

Do you wish you had more skills in the kitchen? Cooking is an important, healthy life skill that many adults could improve. If you are lacking in the cooking department, what are you waiting for? Sign up for some cooking classes with Chef Rob! Cooking class is useful and fun. You can eat and drink while you sharpen your skills!

Here are 5 reasons to sign up for cooking classes TODAY:

5. Cooking is a healthy option. Goodbye fast food and pizza delivery. Of course, these foods are okay from time to time, but you should be cooking on a regular basis for health reasons. When you cook, you know exactly what goes into your meal. You can control your intake by cutting things like sodium and adding more vegetables. Getting healthy doesn’t mean cooking a 5-course meal every weeknight. It doesn’t mean salads only, either. You can learn simple cooking techniques that can propel you towards a healthier lifestyle.

4. Cooking is from the heart. Don’t underestimate the gesture of cooking a loved one a meal. From celebrations to get-well-soon to my condolences, cooking can show your family and friends that you care. It might even amaze them with your skills, too!

3. Cooking saves you money. Cooking will save you a ton of money. You can get several bags of fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat for the same as a couple small meals from a restaurant. Sure, it is fun to go out for a special occasion. But on a daily basis, cooking for your family is a way to reduce your monthly food bill. What can you do with all the money you save?

2. Make your favorite dishes at home. Even the novice chef can follow a simple recipe. What are some of your favorite dishes? With the help of the internet or a great cook book, the sky is the limit with all of the delicious meals that you can make. You don’t have to heat up frozen meals anymore! You can learn how to make it yourself. It takes less time and effort than you may think!

1. Make fresh fish whenever you want. One of the best things about knowing how to cook is that you can have healthy, savory, fresh fish whenever you want! You don’t have to go to a restaurant or on vacation to get a by-the-sea dish. McGowen and Sons is your local fresh fish store. We have the most delectable raw fish you can find in the Region. We are passionate about flavor, nutrients, and helping our community live a happier, healthier life. For more information on chef classes, fill out our contact us page or call 219.299.2336.